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About asaleeb


Around the world, business owners and HR leaders are seeking unique training resources; resources to meet international standards, complete regulatory requirements, and propel teams to further excellence. Asaleeb is here to provide those training resources, always tailored to meet your company’s agenda.

For more than 25 year, we’ve been a global leader in educational solutions, renowned both for our commitment to quality as well as our dedication to hands-on classroom techniques.

The training experiences we deliver are always run by skilled, seasoned educators with ample classroom exposure. And, they are always optimized to help your business meet its goals.


Our vision is to achieve the highest level of training excellence; to inspire learners to be conscious of their true potential and to become more passionate about their personal and professional development through intellectual engagement, creative activity, and immediate application of newly acquired knowledge.


The mission of ATI is to help build strong, thriving communities, both in partnership with businesses and also in collaboration with charities and non-profit organizations.


In pursuit of this mission, we hold ourselves accountable to a set of core values:

  •  Respect 
  • Support

  • Long-term relationships

  • Specialization

  • Response

  • Quality 

  • Achievement 

  • Continuous development

Proven Success

We Continue to Grow

Over years we have executed major projects for ministries and private sectors in addition to hundreds of training programs covering: soft skills, management, leadership, finance, banking, investment, government specialized programs, business continuity, and many other fields. 

Major Projects


Customer Satisfaction


What We Do Best

Customized Training programs

We deliver customized effective training program yielding high impact on people and the organization. 

companywide events

Our team understand how to makes your event successful. We also always care in team building activity how employees can enjoy and keep bonding with each other.

outdoor camp events

We organize outdoor camps for teams, middle management, senior management in and outside the country.

leadership PROGRAMs

Enabling leaders with the right competencies after assessing their abilities to identify priority development areas.


We develop and deliver professional development programs for new hires and/or staff on the job.  We have achieved high success in developing professionals really made their company stand out.

Provide logistical support for L&D

To meet our clients needs, we have provided support to events that are organized by our clients

organization health ASSESSMENT'S

Organizational agility, Execution matrices, Staff evaluations, Staff satisfaction surveys and Innovative organization assessments are good example of what we can do to cage the organization health

talanets acquision

We have helped our customers to identify and hire qualified teams capable of taking the organization to new horizons.


We offer world class 360 assessments, Psychometric assessment, and leaders equity assessment

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